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Dimethyl-5-Sulfoisophthalate Sodium Salt (SIPM)

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1. Chemical Identity

Product Name:          Dimethyl-5-Sulfoisophthalate Sodium Salt (SIPM)

CAS number:             3965-55-7

EC number:               223-578-8

Molecular formula:   C10H9O7SNa

Molecular weight:  296.23


2.  General introduction

SIPM is widely used as the third monomer of cationic dyeable polyester (CDP), while CDP is a kind of modified Dacron. Dacron, chemical name polyethylene terephthalate (PET), is a kind of polyester fiber. Dacron fabrics are very popular in the market because of they are beautiful and easy to wash and dry. However, non-modified Dacron is difficult to dye because of its high crystallization, high orientability and non polar group.

CDP as a kind of modified Dacron is produced by introducing a third monomer SIPM. Since there is sulfonic group in CDP, it has good affinity performance to cationic dyes. So it’s more easily to dye and the dyed fibers have a bright and lasting color. CDP is easy for wool blend, so it is suitable for winter men and women clothing fabrics.

 Properties of SIPM:

● Good affinity performance to cationic dyes

● Super dyeability

3.Supply specification




White powder without impurity

Color (16% EG) Pt-Co

≤  20

Acid Value (mg KOH/g)

≤  0.6

Saponification Value (mg KOH/g)


Sulfate ppm

≤  100

Volatile Matter, %

≤  0.3


≤  0.05

Fe ppm

≤  4


≤  15


4. Packing, transportation and storage

25Kg net in paper-plastic bag; Available in Supersack.

This material is non- dangerous goods for land, air and marine transportation.

They should be kept away from flames or other sources of heat. They should be stored in cool and ventilated area.