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AIM AIP Overview

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Introduction and Aplication

Sundow has creative technology and advanced management for producing AIM and AIP, which is derived from former joint venture with a world class AIM / AIP producer. Sundow WELLPLA AIM and AIP series products enjoy high reputation in China and the world.

Sundow WELLPLA AIM series are acrylic impact modifiers which are widely used in window profile, pipe, siding and fence etc., AIM series offer benefits such as excellent impact strength, outstanding weatherability, excellent transparency, high impact efficiency and wide processing window etc.

WELLPLA AIP series are state-of-the-art line of additives, which strongly improve the processing of PVC compounds, providing enhanced control over the PVC melt flow. Its versatility allows for usage in a wide variety of applications, such as window profiles, siding, fencing, film and sheet, bottles, pipe and pipe fitting, foamed PVC etc. AIP series will offer the advantages such as: strong and highly homogenous melts, uniform wall thickness and bottle weight, smooth surface, high processing efficiency and easy metal release etc.

    image.png WELLPLA (AIM series) 

    image.png WELLPLA (AIP series) 

Acrylic Processing Aid-AIP .jpg