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Why SUNDOW ?3.jpg

Our employees form our most important resource. Our company thrives on the experience of our employees. We offer a range of extras and support our employees where we can, so they can focus on their job. To help ensure that we have a workplace where employees feel they are valued and have opportunities to grow and learn, we have developed a set of guiding principles to help employees have the following excellent qualities and improve their competitive power.

image.png Extreme responsibility

image.png Strive to advance

image.png Be enterprising

image.png To be brave in innovation

4.jpgJoin the team

SUNDOW’s career opportunities cover various disciplines for research and product development as well as sales, marketing, supply chain, logistics management and other career paths.

We offer:

image.png Competitive salary and benefits

image.png Collaborative team-oriented work environment

image.png Challenging projects

image.png Ongoing learning and career development