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Thermoplastic elastomers(Tpu) Overview

TPU is a kind of thermoplastic elastomers with lots of excellent properties, such as elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oil, chemical solvents and abrasion.

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General Introduction

TPU is a kind of thermoplastic elastomers with lots of excellent properties, such as elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oil, chemical solvents and abrasion. Technically, TPUs are consisting of linear segmented block copolymers composed of hard and soft segments. Because of the diversity of combinations of hard and soft segments, TPUs can be formulated as different materials, from soft and flexible elastomers (elastic materials that bridge the gap between plastics and rubbers), to rigid plastics with high modulus. Also, TPU can be mixed with specific agents or different proportion of compounds to achieve a certain appearance and features like fire-retardancy, biocompatibility, optical clarity and more.

Sundow Polymers Co., LTD. is a professional thermoplastic polyurethane manufacturer, with the brand name of Wellthane™ for thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) from it.

TPU is fully thermoplastic and therefore is melt-processable. It can be extruded; injection molded, and blow molded using the conventional equipment. Other processes include compression molding, vacuum forming, and solution coating. TPU will chemically bond to a variety of rigid thermoplastic substrates using typical over-molding processes. Some example applications of TPU are shown in the picture below.

Properties of Wellthane™ TPU

² Excellent abrasion resistance

² Soft, elastic and good flexural strength

² Resistance to cracks, good tensile property, and elongation coefficient

² Good tactile properties

² Compound and properties versatility

² Good flexibility over a wide temperature range

² Low shrinkage and transfiguration rate after long time compression

² Resistance to oil, lubricant and aliphat hydrocarbon solvent

² Resistance to oxidization, ozone and aging

² Green environmental protection product

Classification of Wellthane TPU

Wellthane™ TPU products altogether 7 big series, more than 40 varieties, are designed to satisfy different requirements in different application areas and all these grades have some common performance traits that set them apart from other plastic materials.

Product series


Wellthane™  ES-IJ

Electronics coating, key, wire plug,   shoe, handle pedometer, watch band, air bag, water balls, electronics cover, auto part, dust-proof   cover, garment accessories, animal tag, sealing gasket, machine part, composite modified, roller,   sports equipment part, etc.

Wellthane™  ES-IJS

Shoe sole and insole, shoe decorations,   children shoe, garden shoe, sandy shoe, safety shoe.

Wellthane™  ES-ET

Multilayer or single layer, air powered   tools, air hose, water hose, oil pipe, food conveyor, spiral hoses, lay flat hoses, fire hose and   other types of hoses etc.

Wellthane™  ES-ETW

Consumer   electronic devices, telecommunication cables, transmission, braking and   anti-skid systems in planes, trains and automobiles, etc.

Wellthane™  ES-CA

Shoes, football leather, luggage,   adhesive film, leather, laminated film etc.

Wellthane™  ES-FM

Laminated film for clothing, home   textile, laminated film in football, luggage, waterproof breathable film, tents, rubber boats, fabric fitting   and leather etc.

Wellthane™ ER

Lay-flat hose, tubes, flexitank, fabric   coating, wire & cable jacket, film & sheet, animal ear tag, smart   watch band etc.

Wellthane™ HX

Oil seal, footwear, belting, hose &   tube, wire & cable, wheel & caster, etc.

Wellthane™ CB

Hose & tube, film & sheet, fire   hose, oil tank.

Wellthane™ FR

Belting, wire & cable jackets, film   and sheet, hose & tube, injection & extrusion

Wellthane™ SDT

Footwear, furniture and fabric coatings

Wellthane™ SDH

Toe-puffs &   counters, hot-melt adhesive films and tapes, fabric coatings, seam sealing   tapes, shoe materials etc, high-end interlining, heat transfer printing   industry, textile, etc

Wellthane™ ME

TPU has good blood compatibility and   biocompatibility. It can be used for heart stents, artificial skin, orthodontic braces, etc. Gradually,   it will replace some of the traditional medical materials.

Wellthane™ SP


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