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Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) Overview

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) Overview

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Sundow Surpla™ CPVC technology

CPVC.pngFrom 2008 Sundow began to produce CPVC resin in small scale. And in 2014, Sundow invested a huge money building a new producing line with annual capacity of 15000 MT, this new producing line adopt new technology, equipped with 25 M3 reactor and advanced DSC automatic control system, all this ensures Sundow Surpla™ CPVC resin quality has a great improvement compared with the old technology, especially some properties such as heat stability, processibility, gelation, vicat softening temperature. 

According to end users evaluation, Surpla™ CPVC resin is reaching the same quality level as the international top famous CPVC resin brands. Now Surpla™ CPVC resin and compound are exported to many countries such as India, USA, Mid-East, Korea etc, successfully replacing several world famous CPVC resin brands.

Surpla™ CPVC resin and compound are tested strictly according to GB or ASTM standard. In order to better test and verify Surpla™ CPVC resin/compound quality and quality consistency, Sundow invested a big money buying expensive test machines such as Brabender Rhometer for more accurate analysis; each lot will be tested and checked by Brabender Rhometer for gelation and heat stability.

Sundow is also equipped with CPVC pipe extrusion line and injection machine, CPVC resin for export will be formulated and extruded or molded in such machines to ensure that the exported materials have no problem not only on physical property, but also on the processability and mechanical properties.

Based on high quality CPVC resin and rich knowledge in CPVC compounding formulation, Sundow also has a mixing unit with capacity of 5000 mt per year, producing CPVC compounds for the applications such as hot water pipe, sprinkle pipe, pipe fitting etc.