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Sundow took part in the K-SHOW 2019 held in Düsseldorf, Germany on October 16-23, 2019.The K-SHOW is the worlds most important exhibition of plastics and rubber industry.

2019-10-24 00:00:00

It is OMYA that invited Sundow to participate the K-SHOW. 

OMYA is the world's largest producer of calcium carbonate and the fourth largest distributor of specialty chemicals in Europe. It is the exclusive distributor of Sundow WELLPREN CPE in most European countries. 

At the exhibition, Sundow received customers from more than 50 countries around the world and reached cooperation agreements with many customers. Customers are very interested in Sundow WELLPREN® CPE, WELLPLATMAIM / AIP, SURPRENTM Chloroprene rubber, WellthaneTM TPU, WELLCELLTM ADC, SurplaTM CPVC and SUNPRETM CSM. 

As Weifang Yaxing, the world's largest CPE manufacturer, closed its WEIPREN CPE production line by October 31, 2019, its customers are deeply concerned about the continued supply of high-quality CPE products in the future. Sundow is the only manufacturer in the world that uses the same German acid phase process technology as Yaxing. Sundow will be able to provide the same quality products as that of Yaxing, which can help customerseffectively solve the supply shortage problem of high quality CPE caused by the shutdown of Yaxing.