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Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC)

Surpla CPVC Introduction

Addtime: 2016/3/25

Surpla TM CPVC ( chlorinated polyvinyl chloride)  introduction

                                          Revised 25 March 2016

 1) What is Surpla TM CPVC resin

CPVC is a PVC homopolymer that has been subjected to a chlorination reaction, it is a high heat, corrosion resistant chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) material.  It has become an important engineering thermoplastic due to its relatively low cost, high heat distortion temperature, chemical resistance and outstanding mechanical, dielectric, flame and smoke properties. CPVC was first commercialized by Noveon in the early 1960s and has since proven its value in a variety of industrial applications in which a high use temperature and excellent resistance to chemical are desirable. Besides pipe and fittings, many other industrial fluid-handling product are available in CPVC including pumps, valves , strainers, tower packing, and duct, as well as sheet for fabrication into tanks ,duct, and tank lining.


2)  Features of Surpla TM CPVC resin


l  Heat Resistance

The temperature at which CPVC softens has been improved by 20 to 40deg.C compared to general purpose PVC. As a consequence, outstanding toughness and anti-creep properties are maintained even in applications which are constantly exposed to high temperatures, such as hot water pipes and steam pipes, where general purpose PVC would soften, rendering it useless.

l  Chemical Resistance and Corrosion Resistance

CPVC boasts the same chemical resistance as general purpose PVC, and these properties are maintained even at high temperatures.

l  Flammability

In contrast to PE, PP and ABS, CPVC is self-extinguishing, generates minimal smoke, and has a high oxygen index, giving it excellent flammability, which makes it optimal as a flame retardant plastic.

l  Electric Insulation Properties

CPVC's electric insulation properties are superior to other plastics, in the same way as PVC, making it ideal as an electric insulating material.

l  Treatment / Secondary Processing Properties

In the same way as general purpose PVC, an adhesive can be used to adhere CPVC, making it easy to work with pipes, etc., and welding, bending, sleeve processing and vacuum molding are possible.

 Comparison with other materials



3)  Application

l  Sprinkler Pipes

Sprinkler pipes are used as pipes to extinguish indoor fire fighting. CPVC pipes have outstanding flame retardant, enabling deformation by heat to be delayed. CPVC are rarely, if ever, blocked by rust or the like.

l  Industrial Heat-Resistant Pipes

CPVC pipes are used in various chemical plants. CPVC pipes boast outstanding chemical resistance. They also have outstanding heat resistance compared to general PVC pipes.

l  Indoor hot water supply pipe

CPVC pipes do not rust, and as such are used for indoor hot water supply pipes.

l  Outdoor Air-Conditioner Duct Covers

CPVC is used for outdoor air-conditioner covers and cable covers. It is used in particular for dark phr which reach high temperatures when exposed to sunlight. Surpla TM CPVC can be recommended for such applications as an alternative to general purpose PVC.

l  Hot Water Supply Joints

Joints using Surpla TM CPVC can be injection molded to incorporate brass metal phr. They can be connected and separated easily.

l  Drainage Joints

Surpla TM CPVC is resistant to heat and chemicals, and can be used as joints for hot water and drainage circuits which can be connected and separated.

l  Power Cable Joints

Surpla TM CPVC is heat resistant, and can be used as joints for power cables which become hot.

l  Cashing pipe for underground high-voltage power cable

CPVC's electric insulation properties are superior

l  Transparent Fitting
Surpla TM CPVC can be molded into transparent fitting by adjusting the compounding. It is possible to inspect of adhesives, making it possible to visually expect fitting after they have been mounted.

l  Heat-Resistant Industrial Plates and Sheets

CPVC is used as a part of equipment for manufacturing semiconductor printed circuit boards. Chemical-resistance and heat-resistance are particularly required as phr for cleaning tanks.

l  Transparent Heat-Resistant Industrial Plates

Surpla TM CPVC can be molded into transparent plates by adjusting the compounding. Being transparent, the level of storage tanks can be easily inspected, and it is easy to inspect the situation inside equipment in the production process.

l  Fittings

Surpla TM CPVC has been designed for a wide range of applications as heat resistant fittings and valves.

l  Heat Resistant Flange

Surpla TM CPVC can be injection-molded as large-diameter flanges and joints for industrial pipes.

l  High strength foaming material


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